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Conjured Video Poker

2 usd

Conjured Video Poker is based on retro arcade machines used for amusement only. This game is single player 5 card draw, for offline fun. Payouts are based on hand strength, rather than compared to opponents hands. Conjured Video Poker requires no special permissions.How to play:1. Select your card back preference.2. Select the color of the card back with the RGB sliders.3. Select the amount of you bet by tapping the coins on your cards.4. Review the payouts for that bet amount. 5. Deal the cards, 6. Select your discards by tapping them. (tapping again will cancel)7. Draw your cards, and collect if you win.8. Return to step 3 until you are finished playing.
The payout amounts for your last bet will be displayed after each hand, as your next bet amount will be the same as the last one, unless you change it to a new bet by selecting a different stack of coins.
If you do not know how to play poker in general, then Google it for further instructions and tutorials.